Buying land in Belize

If you have visited Belize, it is not difficult to understand why someone would want to buy land in this beautiful country. Friendly Belizean locals, sandy beaches and lush tropical foliage help make the choice very simple . Many choose Belize as their new home for their retirement, while others choose to purchase land or real estate as an investment. Perhaps you want to purchase a property for a vacation rental or even a second home. Thousands of visitors flock to Belize every year to travel the famous cave systems, relax on the gorgeous beaches, dive and snorkel the barrier reef, hike under the rainforest canopy and marvel at some of the many ancient Mayan ruin sites. All of these activities make this beautiful country a perfect choice for owning a beachfront property or even a luxury villa for a vacation home or rental.

No matter your reason for choosing Belize, the legal professionals at Godfrey Law can help facilitate the process with you. Purchasing land in a different country than your own can incorporate different laws and practices that you are not familiar with. Working with a local Belize law firm like Glenn D. Godfrey and Company LLP can help the process run more smoothly. While you do not have to be a Belize citizen to buy land in this country, there are certain requirements that must be met as well as fees and taxes to be paid. It is important to note that these fees and taxes are not part of the real estate transaction and are handled separately. An attorney can help by conducting a title search on the property you are considering, as well as determine if there are any liens in force. Since you are not required to be in Belize at the time of the purchase, put your trust in a qualified and knowledgeable firm such as ours for maximum efficiency.

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