Retiring in Belize

You work your entire life towards retirement and deserve the best. So, why choose Belize for your retirement? Quite simply, why not? Belize has a warm and sunny climate most of the year, and prospective retirees discover that retiring here can be much more simple than one might think. The country of Belize offers relatively low cost housing and property compared to other retirement options for foreign individuals, and property tax is also often lower in comparison to what they are used to. With the absence of capital gains tax and the first language being spoken here being English, Belize is all the more appealing to many. Moving to a new country can be intimidating when you do not know the laws and requirements. Working with a local law firm can help you quickly get your retirement plan in action.

Our office at Glenn D. Godfrey and Company LLP, is ideally located in Belize City and is ready to assist you with all immigration matters and obtain permits for you, if required. An expatriate can choose between acquiring permanent residency status or applying for QRP, the Qualified Retirement Persons program. Our legal counsel can advise you about obtaining permanent residency in Belize or acquiring your letter of naturalization, which is a first step in becoming a Belizean citizen. Be sure to contact our legal team at +501-223-3530 to discuss your options and get the best process for you promptly started.

If you are an individual not quite at the age of retirement and wish to become employed in Belize, our office can also help with work permits for foreigners. Our firm was founded in 1979 and with over forty years in the business, you can feel confident the legal team at Glenn D. Godfrey law firm will get you well on your way to your golden years of retirement. Simply click the “Make An Appointment” button on this website to get your process started.

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